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February 14th is Coming in Hot

And we've got the perfect evening in store for you.
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Talking about Social Studies and Virtual Holiday Entertaining.

Because it’s time to get jolly, no matter where you are.

Because they are the unsung heroes of everyone’s life.

Because everyone deserves a little spooky in their life.

…because we could all take a page from this lifestyle guru.

Because every 5-year-old girl loves a unicorn…

Because all little ones have a ruff or two up their sleeve!

It’s not just for Dead Heads…

A few simple tricks will go a long way with your guests.

Everything you need for these hot summer days.

From ice cubes to playlists, these sisters host with the most.

Plus a little recipe for some roasted cauliflower and salsa no one will be mad about.

All you need for a night under the stars.

… and promises to get dinner on the table in under thirty minutes!

Pineapple Collaborative’s Ariel Pasternak shares her go-to chicken and salad recipes.

Our favorite Culinistas and ‘Work Wives’ show us how well they know each other.

From engagements to date nights, how our Party Animals are celebrating.

Candace Nelson brings us a classic dessert with an unexpected twist.

Sometimes magic can happen when you unexpectedly attend a party by yourself.

Quarantine yourself with this quiche and a side of records and wine.

Ken Fulk wants us to celebrate every moment.

The absolute best waffles in NYC can now be made in your kitchen.

Everything at the top of our inboxes and front of our minds.

The book of our dreams is here. And it couldn’t come at a better time.

The master makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier, Gucci Westman, on all things hosting.

All things hosting with the Maisonette co-founder and former Met Gala party planner.

How does a Saturday Night Live comedian host friends? Step inside her pantry with us.

- Cleo Wade

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