Pop Quiz With Cleo Wade

The writer, activist, and poet on how she hosts.

Nicole Najafi


Paper is the most beautiful. Text is the most practical. Sometimes, I will draw my invite, and then take a photo of the drawing and text that around. Efficient and environmentally-friendly.

I am known for taking a nap right before I have to be somewhere. 

I love florals that feel wild and free. My very favorite florist is Bloom and Plume, a black-owned business based in California. Every arrangement is so beautiful and unique. 

I’m a southern woman- I wear what we call “house shoes” which is a slipper that is worn sometimes with socks at home and occasionally to the supermarket if “we need to grab somethin’ real quick.”

I’m a hugger.

I like red wine. I don’t really drink cocktails but when I do I like tequila.

One of my best friends Mia Moretti is a DJ, she makes incredible playlists inspired by her travels around the world. They’re available in her Spotify. 


Family style. 

Ice cream.

Whatever it is that is making your special night stressful. If buying your dessert instead of making it gives you an extra ounce of self-care or a moment to yourself to relax before your guests arrive….just buy it. 

If your friends are anything like mine, your dinner parties don’t end ’till the wee hours of the morning. I like to have a few bottles of nice wine to start the evening, and then I have a stock of what’s called “end of the night wine,” which is less expensive. 

Be in the mood you want everyone else to be in. Don’t be stressed or grumpy around your guests.

A group of my girlfriends and I used to throw these dinner parties where we would cover the table in Kraft paper and leave water color palettes and markers on the table for them to draw, paint, and write poetry. At the end of the night, the table was one big, beautiful, messy art piece. 

I love attending the Lower East Side Girls Club Gala. It’s usually at an old Chinese food restaurant downtown and there is an epic dance party after dinner.

Any party outside of America. I didn’t grow up in a family that had a lot of money or really traveled. Growing up, I wasn’t sure I would see the world. So any time I found myself dancing in Italy or Japan or Morocco- I felt I was at the best party in the history of time.

One that celebrates young leaders like Little Ms. Flint becoming the President of the United States.

Loved ones.

January 15, 2020
Matthew Sprout

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