Pop Quiz with Sophia Roe

How the chillest chef hosts epic parties.

Nicole Najafi


How does chef Sophia Roe host? We served her a Pop Quiz to find out.

All three!

My preference is ALWAYS to cook myself, but I am down for all of the above.

NEVER! I keep things super chill.

Remember that you’re only human. And have a nice glass of Beaujolais nearby.

I love when a table is decorated with edible things. There’s nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous long table covered in fresh citrus, pears, apples, long bunches of carrot tops, etc.

It all depends on the time of year. In the winter, socks all day long. But summertime calls for bare feet!

Editor’s Note: Shoe-free home? Offer guests slippers or party-themed socks when entering your home to make the ask that much easier.

With a massive hug, kiss, and plates of olives, vegetable charcuterie, and a glass of something delicious.

Either something with tequila, or some kind of funky, all-natural Pét-Nat (I am such a typical eye roll Brooklynite, I know).

Anything by A Tribe Called Quest is always a favorite. I wanna see heads bobbing and bodies swaying at any event or party of mine!

Forget seats! Let’s all eat with our hands and mingle with everyone! This is a party after all!


You cannot go wrong with a huge bowl of chocolate ganache and a platter of dippables!

I always splurge on wine. I am not trying to give anyone at my party a hangover the next morning.

I usually skimp on dessert. I’ll serve some nice chocolate or perhaps acai bars. But I usually don’t spend hours baking or sourcing specialty sweets when I host.

All of my many bobbles, artifacts, and trinkets that I have collected over the years. They’re amazing conversation starters.

I had a house party five years ago that started around 6pm and went until sunrise. My downstairs neighbors were out of town, so we could make noise. Everyone brought groceries and we cooked together for hours. We baked pies, made burgers, roasted massive sheet pans of veggies, and even made tortillas from scratch. I didn’t overly plan anything. I released all control, and it turned out perfect.

Probably my own 30th birthday party. I was in Mexico City, and had all the churros. And all the mole. And all the tequila. Best birthday ever!

Anything that I didn’t have to cook for, lol.

A book club with a cocktail hour of bossa nova and something chilled from the Loire Valley.

Music and LOADS of food. Excess is best! I love being able to send friends home with leftovers.

Sophia Roe is a chef, writer, and co-creator of the conversation series, Pillow Talk Sessions.

March 11, 2020
Kelsey Ann Rose

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