The Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages For Your Long Weekend

Sippin’ the weekend away…

Veronica McCarthy


We’ve been noticing a slew of cool non-alcoholic drinks popping onto the beverage market. Gone are the days where Coke and Sprite sufficed as refreshments for the DD. Meet the new refreshments, sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. And pro tip, some of these double as excellent mixers for those who are imbibing…

1. Fever Tree: Fever Tree is know for being a great mixer but we love drinking the Sparkling Lemon and Ginger Beer over ice. 

2. Ghia: We can’t say enough about Ghia, satisfyingly bitter, drink it over ice and add a slice of fruit if you’re feeling frisky. 

3. Kin Euphorics: Billed as a “social tonic” we are here to feel euphoric when we sip on Kin. 

4. Casamara Club: They call themselves a leisure soda and we feel like we are lounging on the Italian coast whenever we crack one open.

5. Avec: Another beverage meant to be mixed with liquor but trust us, they’re good enough to enjoy solo. 

If you’re wondering what food to savor while you sip on one (or more!) of the aforementioned beverages, may we suggest this All-American classic.

July 2, 2020
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