How To Throw a Multi-Home Holiday

One Tablescape, Many-a-Home.

Social Studies


As we stare down the barrel of the holidays, we’ve come to realize just how different things are going to look this year. We anticipate a lot less people traveling cross-country to be with family and loved ones and sitting at a table of 20+ smiling faces. 

Which is why we concocted a Multi-Home Holiday package! So despite being under separate roofs across different time zones, you and your loved ones can all be sitting down to the same table.

Goldie Rocks our world…

How it Works:

All one needs to do is email our customer service team at with the individual addresses you wish to send a tablescape to and the number of people at each address. Then choose a look to send out and … voila! Everyone can gather at the “same” table and play a game or two over Zoom — yes, Zoom is highly encouraged for these fun moments! 

The Benefits:

And yes, there are benefits to #settingthetable in multiple homes across the country… 

  • Send Multi-Home to 2 or 3 homes and get 10% off your entire order
  • Send Multi-Home to 4 to 7 homes and get 10% off your entire order + a future discount code for every home to use + and a mini After Party Candle for the booker
  • Send Multi-Home to 8 home and get 10% off your entire order + a future discount code for every home to use + a full size After Party Candle for the booker

One Look, Four Homes:

Yep, we tested Multi-Home out ourselves with our little Social Studies family and sent Goldie Rocks to Cookie, Caitlin, Andrew and Veronica for a Zoom Dinner Soiree. 

Seeing how each of them styled the same look a different way in their respective homes was an immediate conversation starter and ice breaker to those awkward Zoom Dinner Party moments, take a look…

Al Fresco at Cookie’s

“The Multi-Home experience felt like we were all sitting around the same dinner table and not each in our own homes!”

CandleLIT at Caitlin’s

“We’ve hosted Thanksgivings in the East Village for 10 years now and it’s our favorite holiday. Each year, I obsesses over theme, styling the table and games while Kris mans the kitchen. 2020 is the ultimate surprise and delight moment to gather our crew with a Multi-Home celebration, table top and all … with Clu manning the Zoom deets.”

Autumnal at Andrew’s

“I have a BIG family and being together during the holidays is really important to us. We plan on having a FaceTime Thanksgiving this year, and even though we’ll each be in our own homes, having the same menu and table set up is a special way to make us feel like we’re together.”

Cute & Cozy at Veronica’s

I’m the only member of my extended family who doesn’t live somewhere in Los Angeles County. Yes, we should be part of the LA tourism board. But because of my remote location in the East Village, I will take any excuse to feel like I’m at my mom’s dinning room table, outwardly annoyed at how fancy she has made it even though we’re just eating soup, but inwardly so happy to be taken care of.

BONUS: Four-legged Guests of Honor at Caitlin & Veronica’s

“Hi, I’m Clu. For more cuteness, head over to @clu_the_cat.”
“And I’m Charlie aka Chuck aka @chuckthemuppet.”

October 21, 2020
Cookie, Caitlin, Andrew & Veronica

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