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To put a little cheer on everyone’s table.

Social Studies


When you gift Social Studies:

When you’re gifted Social Studies:

Oh yes, it’s that time of year. Kids have begun crafting their compelling letters to Santa while adults have begun to feel like Santa himself, looking at their long list of gifting needs… 

That’s where we come in. When giving Social Studies you are giving an unexpected, yet thoughtful gift that encourages everyone to make a meaningful connection around the dinner table.

We have gift card options or if you’d like a little elf to help you, email us at In the meantime, here are some people on your gift list that we think Social Studies would be perfect for…

1. For your kid’s teachers

Because remote learning has been a challenge for everyone involved, help your kid’s teachers set the table this holiday season and allow them to have a little IRL socialization with people their own age for a change. We suggest Berry Scandi to keep their spirts up this holiday season. 

Antique florals add a delightful surprise to holiday classics, red and green.
Gold details are always a good idea.

2. For your best friend

What your bestie really wants is a night out with you. But if that’s not in the cards, send a Social Studies kit and a Zoom invite and create a night in you can both enjoy. Wine and cheese are always a happy addition. We love Blue Splatter for this digital date with your BFF.

Blue splattered plates and floral linens, paired with silver accents make for an unexpectedly gorgeous holiday table.
It’s a print party!

3. For your neighbor

They’ve been much more present in your life this year than you ever anticipated. From sharing their toilet paper to stoop hangs, our neighbors have become our family. Thank them for their generosity by #settingthetable with them one night this holiday season. Christmas Chintz is always a crowd pleaser.

Festive details c/o Christmas Chintz.
Taper candles are a must for that warm, inviting glow.

4. For your family

You might not be able to do the grand tour of seeing all your relatives this holiday season, but how about gifting each home a Multi-Home holiday dinner? Having everyone sit down to the same set table (you can’t go wrong with Hygge Holiday!) will be the perfect way to feel together despite being apart. The best part? You’ll get the award for best gift — which is really what we’re all gunning for, no?

Custom place cards and menus add a personal touch your family will love.

October 27, 2020
Social Studies & Tory Williams

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