5 Damn Good Cocktails Using 5 Ingredients or Less

Our team’s ‘in a pinch’ (or anytime…) favorites.

Elise Etem


I know I know, sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy (or ingredients!) to sit down, conceptualize, prep and finally make the latest and greatest in your collection of delicious cocktail inventions. Well, you can breathe a sign of relief because you now have a mixologist day off cheat sheet or if you’re anything like me, an everyday cocktail cheat sheet. (Who wants more work after a long day of…work? Not I!) And with that here are five, 5-ingredient or less cocktail recipes that come highly recommended from a handful of us at Team Social Studies. Don’t forget to bookmark this page. 😉

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April 16, 2021
Shana Trajanoska

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