Inside Our Nature-Focused Dinner Party in L.A.

In partnership with Seedlip.

Elise Etem

Mother Earth showin’ off.

Late last month, on a warm spring evening in L.A., Social Studies and Seedlip gathered with a group of likeminded, sustainability-focused friends for a celebration that encouraged all attendees to connect with their roots, and each other.

Seeds — an important agent for growth and change — were an integral part of the — were an integral part if the evening. From specialty Seedlip spirits (recipes below!) to plantable seed paper menus and interactive cards, guests were encouraged to plant seeds of change and thus, be agents of change for the planet. Ron Finley (Founder, The Ron Finley Project & Artivist) and Jess Latham (Co-Founder & CEO, Social Studies) co-hosted the spirited affair; here’s how it came to life!

Signature Cocktails for Your Next Soirée…

May 4, 2022
Frankie Marin

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